February 4, 2010

stuffed amimals.

I have to admit I have never been a fan of
stuffed animals
(i used to have to hide all of mine in the closet at night time)
but I sorta really like this one.

Or maybe its just because I was at Wal-mart late at night?? Who knows?
But i love everything valentinsie.

and i really don't think that's a word. but i just said it.

All growing up mi padre always got us girls flowers.
mom got us candy and cards.
i love all the funny cards.
the candy.
dove chocolates.
conversation hearts.
love that mama decks the house out in valentines decor.
it just makes me happy.
Wish i was still in elementary school just so i could buy really cool valentines to exchange. I remember weeks before valentines i would have the valentines picked out at the store and couldn't wait for the day when mama would take me to get them. as soon as i got home i would start thinking about which cute boy in my class i was going to give the BEST card to. I would also remember making the coolest mailboxes for everyone to put MY valentines in.
How would it be to be TEN again?
those were the days.

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Newman29 said...

I loved doing that in school!!!


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