March 27, 2010

Chel's turns 22..

This night took me back a few years. When i was about twelve or thirteen the neighborhood girls and i 'kidnapped' chelsea and nas for there birthdays and took them to Denny's for breakfast. Chels was pretty stubborn and fought us and didn't want a blind fold on or anything..

fast forward about ten years and here i am again.. 'kidnapping' chels. {ths time around was a LOT easier}

Fist Ash,Whit, and I took her out to dinner at Goodwood.
per her request..

we didn't really have a plan for the rest of the evening
{according to her}

little did she know we had something up our sleeve.
her cute bf chase decided to come up from st.g and surprise her.
she had no idea and was totally oblivious.
i loved that he came up because she is very difficult to surprise.

we told her that we were going to take her somewhere and covered her with blankets in the car. she totally thought we were going to take her dancing in slc...

but we really ended up at her casa with her fam and chase!
he even made a cute cake for her {with her mama's help!}

happy b-day chel. so glad we are still friends after all these years! loves.

{us girls at goodwood}

{the car ride}

{everyone is disguise}


{the cute cake}


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