April 16, 2010


just a few things.

i am so thankful it is friday.

i am going up the canyon tonight to have a bbq/fire. yay!

i heart my little biz {check out the FIVE new posts!}

i heart paradise bakery. nummy.

i love my job.

i like wearing side ponytails.

i absolutely love quotes.

i am going to go for a run OUTSIDE this weekend.

i miss my sister.

i can't wait to go to DL with my BFFE at the end of May.

i love talking to old friends.

i love wearing old clothes you have forgotten about.

i need to organize this weekend, and i cannot wait.

i heart the weather.

i am going to have a fabulous weekend.

1 comment

Kati Jo Schroe said...

I miss you!!! Can we play soon?


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