May 6, 2010

i'm back!!

{new lip color rocks! MAC 'date night'}

Dear Blog,

Sorry that i have neglected you.

Last week I was under the weather, with a little




Not fun.

But, needless to say I am back!

and with pictures & random thoughts from the past few weeks.



PS. enjoy.

1.Here is me being sick.

I watched one too many episodes of greys. <3>

2. I have had so many wonderful photo shoots lately, i srsly fall in love with the pictures. check out my photography blog to see everything, but i have to say my favorite part is getting clients announcements in the mail. its refreshing!! This is morg and i after her fabulous shoot! I love taking pics of friends :)

3.chillin at the 113 with the boys. i love when boys apts are clean. it makes me very very very happy.

4...mister mikes birthday party. lets just say the red iguana did NOT like us..
we all got a little sick after. don't think i'll be returning.

5. i have totally mentioned THE CHOCOLATE before. well i heart ladies night. i mean you get free milk with your dessert. but its pretty sad when you walk in, they know your name and what you order. haha..dear chocolate, i think we need to break up. love ashley.

6..visited good ol THS to see Em's girls end of the year concert!..
it made me miss dancing like crazy, they were beautiful! My camera died before I could get a pic with Em.. :(

7..quality time with the bffe.. couldn't ask for a better best friend. Shes amazing. Everyone should have a best friend. We always joke around and say "You'll always be my Best Friend, you know TOO much!"

8. Received an email with this picture from my sis.. oh how i miss my Kar-bear! How beautiful is she!

8. i decided that i really don't like Spain. they took my husband for a few months. miss you case!

9....grabbed a lil pf changs with the 113. i really like to make the sauce spicy. numm. numm.

10. those of you are not faithful retainer wear-ers will know exactly what i'm talking about.. hadn't worn mine in over a year.. put them in the other night.. OUCH. but i WILL be wearing them now on. during the day when i have on my bottom one, please don't mistake me for a 13 yr old .. mm k? thanks!
11. Schools done for the semester. Very proud to say I only missed twice the WHOLE semester. That is a RECORD for me! yay! and they were both for legit reasons. one being my best friends growing up wedding, and the other i was puking. pretty legit if you ask me!
12. I forgot how much i love getting mail. not just any kind of mail, letters! when all my boys were on missions i got mail pretty much every week, if not every other. i got a letter from Kiersten aka Sister Morrison the other day.. it just made me happy!
13. soo loving my black nail polish right now. so fabo!
Okay, enough randomness for one day.


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