July 29, 2010


I am so behind on blogging its bugging me. and stressing me out.
and i'm waiting for sister to send me pictures from the 4th.
i never, ever, blog out of order.
so i can't believe i'm posting this.
but i guess there is a first for everything right?

so this night was freaking fun. love my friends.
love that this group was so random.
random groups can go one of two ways.
and this went the best way.
so after more ppl show up-{which i didn't think that many would show}
we were having a good time, listen to tunes, roasting HUGE marshmallows, chatting
i look over and there is a man in normal clothes with a SHERIFF hat on. standing next to his- well what looked like his wife.
he was talking to a few of my guy friends..
next thing I know he has a bucket of water in his hands and tells us the other sheriff is on his way up to give warnings or arrest those who are having fires. but he could put it out for us and send us home. he didn't even give us two seconds to gather our things and he puts the fire out. next things next it starts down pouring cats and dogs! not going to lie i thought it was all a joke and was freaked out by the man.
somehow we ended up at dennys and had some good laughs til the wee hours of the morning.
i love fires and am mad ours had to end.

moral of the story:
don't let stranger men put out your fire.
and pay attention to notice signs.



Ash Att said...

oh man! that is so crappy the fire had to end. but at least you didnt get in trouble! love your pictures! xoxo

ashley.warner said...

the coons loved lady gaga.
the sheriff guy was creepy.
i'll remember this forever.
love you!


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