July 29, 2010

miss kati jo.

one of my favorite girls from snow came and stayed with me for a night.
i was so happy we finally got together after months of trying to find a weekend. yahooie!
first i dragged her along with me to a photog session.
she was wonderful, making the kids smile and laugh!
i need to hire her as my full time assistant.
shes pretty cool. i must say.
then i took her to my favorite place.
the chocolate of course.
she loved. just as much as me.

then we went to a bbq.
with the friends i grew up with.
and their spouses..
cept davey and are too cool for that.

then we randomly decided to hike the Y.
i think all of us realized how out of shape we are.
but we had fun.
and archie serenaded us with the guitar.
and jared entertained us.

we had a late night del run,
then stayed up til almost four talking.
it was just like old times.
thanks kati for coming to visit me in o town.
come again soon. very soon.
i sure miss you and love ya!!

1 comment

ashley.warner said...

Hey, I was like ten minutes ahead of teh whole group! :) I am so not outta shape! hahaha jk love you Ashy!


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