June 30, 2011

thursday latelies

i'm linking up again this week with bex!!
i love the idea of Thursday latelies because it give you a chance to reflect. 
and remember.

what brought me joy this past week!:

1. being a RS teacher @ church. it not only gives me a chance to teach (yes i'm nerdy and love to teach) but gives me the opportunity to study the subject that i am teaching. sometimes i think were given these opportunities to not only to teach others but in the long run it's us who needs the teaching. so i'm thankful for that! 

2.living so close to the canyon.okay i probably always talk about the canyon. but who can blame me. i love it. everything about it. i love fires. going on walks. the waterfall. driving. the view from squaw. i could go on and on. but this past week i was able to go up and read and just enjoy nature. i love living in such a beautiful state! being outside just makes me happy. UT summers are wonderful.

3.lunch dates with my sis. i love going on lunch dates. especially with my sis Becky. we always have fun. and were the closest in age.having sister time always makes me happy! and so grateful for each of my sisters. i wish my other two sisters lived closer so they could join in on the fun! 

happy thursday!

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bex said...

Ashley, I completely agree with teaching. Most of the time it is the teacher that learns the most by teaching. There is something amazing that happens inside of the heart of a teacher while they are imparting wisdom into someone, its kind of addicting when you see the lives being changed.

Yay for sisters named Becky! I'm a Becky sister, we kinda rock in the sissy department ;).

Thank you for linking up and sharing your reflections.



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