August 10, 2011

my logan peeps.

a few weekends ago i was able to go and visit some friends. my old and first roommate just returned home from serving her mission! i was so excited to see her. it had been a LONG 18 months! it has been great to have her home and be able to call her and text and see her. i would always laugh at myself whenever i would go to call her to tell her something and i couldn't. i am so proud of her and her accomplishment. she served in new york. she had so many amazing stories. and she is just awesome. i stayed with my friend leezanna who i went to high school with. it was great to be able to chill with her and go to dinner and catch up. i love those friends that no matter how long its been that nothing ever changes. we looked at old pictures from high school and were dying laughing at how much everyone including us had changed.

exibit a:
so funny right? hello 15 year old me.

ebibit b:

anyhow she was even nice enough to make me a delicious breakfast. i will defitatly be making the quiche myself soon. so fabulous. even though it was only two hours away, somtimes its nice to escape for a weekend and be some where different.

ps isn't the brigham city temple BEAUTIFUL? they are still in the process of building it. but i LOVE it!!!

where do you like to do a quick getaway to??


Miss Kami said...

Hooray for good old BC!!! I get to drive past it daily! I can't wait to go through it some day! I wish I would have known you were up my way! Love you!

Kati Jo said...

haha my quick get a way is your house :)

ashley.warner said...

pretty temple!
glad you had fun in Logan! :)


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