August 11, 2011

thursday latelies

thursday.. time to link up!

here's my thursday latelies for this week:

1.mac palette duo. ummm love. i know i always blog about mac.but i was so stoked to get a new colors that will be fun for fall. i had some gift cards that i was able to use, so that's even happier!! :)'s just been a happy week! it really has.all around. i love these weeks where nothing is too planned and you're busy and things just go the way there supposed to. and you get to do fun things. see the people that you love. 

3.this week i've loved being outside. i feel like i always have other things to do before work but this week i ventured to the park twice to eat lunch and enjoy nature. something about being outside just makes my day go by so much better. and i always feel so much more happier. the earth is beautiful. 

what has brought you joy this week?

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