August 16, 2011

remember these..

A. age :: twenty.three

B. bed size :: twin

C. chore you hate :: weeding, gross.

D. dogs :: none. someday tho!i sure love doggies. :)

E. essential start to your day ::planning it.

F. favorite color :: green.

G. gold or silver :: why not both??

H. height :: five.feet.eight

I. instruments you play :: none :( used to play the piano. need to start that up again..anyone wanna {re}teach me? 

J. job title :: secretary, aspiring photographer

K. kids :: someday..

L. live :: UTAH

M. maiden name :: will be Shippen

N. nicknames :: Ash, Liza, Ashbash, whiplash, ashlikins, ship, ship-dawg, shippen

O. overnight hospital stays ::never have!!

P. pet peeve :: cupboard doors open.

Q. quote :: i have many, but this is a new favorite. i live for good quotes.

R. righty or lefty :: righty

S. siblings :: three brother, three sisters. i'm the baby.

T. time you wake up :: Usually around 8:30

U. university attended/ing :: Utah valley University

V. vegetables you dislike: i don't really hate any.. i used to hate mushrooms. but love them now.

W. what makes you run late :: dilly dallying.

X. x-rays you’ve had :: dentist, back,and i think that's it!

Y. yummy food :: Mexican, pasta, yes please!

Z. zoo animal favorite :: monkeys!!

1 comment

Ashley Slater said...

hey girl, just wanted you to know I am adding you to my blog roll! You are like the 8th person from utah! what is up with utah and bloggers?!? geez!



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