August 18, 2011

gettin my hair did & thursday latelies.

I have my hair appointment next week and i'm going to do the 'melt' or 'ombre' look. Whatever you want to call it!  I had a slight melt last fall and loved it. I am super excited! I know, I know, i am always changing my hair but change is good?! RIGHT! I can't wait to get my hair did right before one of my best friends weddings and school starts. I am so excited for my friends wedding and to be a bridesmaid. Our dresses rock and now i just have to find some cute black open toed heels. Oh and anyone have any suggestions on how i should do my hair?? HELP people... her wedding will be amazing. She did so many DIY projects and I know its going to all come together and look amazing!! I feel like a freshman all over again with school starting this month. I am so excited for my classes in my major. The technical term of my major is "Art and Visual Communications with an emphasis in Photography" (just in case you were wondering..) Pretty legit if you ask me.I am excited to FINALLY be studying what i love, meeting new friends, and learning.  It will be a good semester, I can just feel it! 

now for my
 thursday latelies:

1.fresh veggies: this week I've really been enjoying fresh veggies. been cooking all sorts of things with them. or just slicing a cucumber up for a snack. i love making up recipes especially that are healthy!

2.snail mail: i got a letter from a friend that is on her mission. and nothing better than getting mail. and writing letters. something about it just makes me all happy.

3.OPI's "Sparrow Me the Drama" Polish. It's from the pirates collection. its so darling. and super girly. 

those are a few things that have made me happy this week! 

What do you think of the melt/ombre trend??


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

OMG! Your hair is going to look amazing Ombre style!! I love that! If only mine wasn't so dark, I would totally do the same thing!! PLEASE post pics!! :D

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

p.s. Love the OPI pirates collection! I tried to buy Steady as she Rose the other day and it was all sold out! :(

Brad & Mallory said...

Post pictures of your hair, I bet it'll look amazing!

bex said...

oh I'm itching to get my hair done ombre style! I think its lovely and the French women do it so you know it has to be great ;). Can't wait to see your new do.



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