August 4, 2011

thursday latelies

things that have made me happy this week:

1. spending time with the old roomies in our old town {blog post to come} it always makes me happy being back there. the place i went when i was first on my own, and where i grew as a person. so many fond memories there. i love small towns.

2. MAC pigment in Pink Bronze. I love that you can wear it on your lips, eyes, cheeks, even add it to color nail polish. But lately i have liked it putting it on top of my eye shadows. gives it a nice summer-ish look! so pretty :)

3. during a photo shoot this week i realized (not that i haven't before but it hit me again, hard.) that "this is what i'm supposed to be doing" and even though it took me so long to decide i found something that i am passionate about and just is RIGHT. don't you love that feeling? eeek! I can't wait for my classes to start!!!! 

and that my friend was my thursday latelies.

happy thursday!


a Bug and Bird said...

i love hanging out with my college roomies. 4 of us live 3 hours apart and we always meet in the middle every 2 months or so to hang out! (that was, before i moved to sydney)

bex said...

Happy Thursday. going back home is always so refreshing so glad you had that experience this week.
and there is nothing like the feeling of knowing you're exactly where you should be doing exactly what you should be doing. Life is richer and most fulfilling that way.



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