September 26, 2011

i miss..

flip phones
post cards
putting film in a camera
reading an actual newspaper
remembering someones phone number by heart
not knowing who was calling on the phone
msn messenger
developing film
actually driving down to blockbuster to rent a movie
hearing the dial up tone (ha okay maybe i dont miss this one THAT much!)
writing notes
recording tv shows on vhs tapes when i couldn't watch it

Awww.. when things were simple.
I miss those days.

The other night I was staying at a friends and we were up talking with her roommate.
Randomly she blurted out "i miss the simplicity of old things like flip phones with actual keys" 
It was a very profound statement to me :) 
It just got me thinking of some random things that I miss. back before everything started to get more high tech. Not that I don't love modern technology, because I do, and i'm very thankful for it  I do miss the silly things like developing film. getting a random i m on msn messenger. clicking into my myspace account and getting a message from a crush. being able to text and not even look at my phone. or getting a decorated note from a friend. I do love how fast things are now and things really are wonderful. I just miss the simplicity. It makes my mind race when I think about how things will be in ten or twenty years. It's crazy to think about.

What 'old' things do you miss???


megan said...

Things just do seem warmer and fuzzier back then, don't they? Alot of technology these days makes things very impersonal, even though it makes it easier to share EVERY DETAIL of life with the whole world! And I got really sad one day when I realized that my future kids won't know how fun it is to go rent movies- I used to love doing that. And man, I got asked to prom by one of my friends on myspace... so many silly little things, but they do hold such a nice place in memories!

Tiffany said...

My husband's phone is older than our marriage of 4 years; it is a flip phone with keys LOL!


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