September 27, 2011

my cell phone on a monday.

1. between school and work grabbed some costa and read my text book. yes, i am a stellar student.
2. while approaching the stop light a nasty praymantis was having the ride of his life. i was laughing so hard! it kept standing up and moving his arms. then hiding behind my wiper blades. ha!
3. borrowed tates new color "a splash of grenadine" so girly. so cute.
4. just another day at work. 
5. straight to the lib after work to study.
6. my study set up. including my diet coke. my art history class is going to be the death of me. good thing i love what i'm studying.
7. my second 2d project. i was pleased with how it turned out! 
8. midnight snack. thanks sis :) i'm sure she will post it soon. it was delightful.

here's to another productive day!


megan said...

hey hey! passing on a little bloggy award on my latest post- love any excuse to share 7 random facts about myself. ha!

Samantha said...

love the color. AND i love that little praying mantis (spelling?) hanging on to our windshield wiper. made my day

Ashley Eliza said...

@megan! thank you so much!! you're so sweet!!

@samantha you should have seen it. i will do a demonstration next time i see you haha.



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