September 16, 2011

tgif randomness.

this whole working full time and going to school thing is cramping my blogging style. :) i miss all of your blogs and hope to catch up this weekend and post a few of my own! yay it is friday. tgif. need i say more? i am so grateful it is the weekend. it will be much needed. this week has flown by. needless to say there are NOT enough hours in the day for me to get everything done. 

-yesterday in between class and work i grabbed my fave cafe rio. as i was talking to one of my friends on the phone (you see we both don't mind grabbing lunch by ourselves.) and we were discussing this. we recalled a certain f.r.i.e.n.d.s. episode where Rachel eats alone. (TOW Chandler crosses the line). And some guy is thinking, ''Why would I date her, what kind of freak eats alone?''  it made me laugh. oh how i love my f.r.i.e.n.d.s.
have you ever ate alone? or does it bother you?

-i finished my first project. woot woot.

-SO loving this song, and this one. oh, and this one too.

-i think i'm going to have carpal tunnel by the time i'm 30. for how much i use a computer. all. day. long. srsly tho.

-been a little obsessed with this movie lately. ha. oldie but goodie.

-i want to go see this movie. love me some matt

-stoked for a family photo session this weekend.

-this week i've thought a lot about this saying, "be the type of friend you want to have" i think it's a lot easier said then done. but i have tried to implement that in my life.

-my renaissance art professor has been mentioning study abroad programs.. umm i really want to go. badly. i have been dreaming about it. non stop. i mean a photography and art history study abroad in europe. 
yes please!!

okay enough randomness for one day.

happy friday.
have a fabulous weekend.

ps. October is quickly approaching and i'm stoked for fall activities. eek!


amylynn188 said...

your hair looks fabulous! just sayin :)

Deveny said...

amen to the carpal.. Your blog is so cute!


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