September 8, 2011

thursday latelies

i completely agree with bex. i love this day to reflect about the good things in life!

things i'm loving this week.

1."date night" by mac. my PERFECT shade. so glossy, glamorous, and glittery.

2.learning. being back in school has helped me remember how much i love to learn. to progress. to grow. even though i'm only two weeks into the semester i've already learned SO MUCH. yay for school. also i rocked it on my quiz today and got an A. no. better. feeling!

3.feather earrings. something about them just makes me happy.and makes my day that much better!!!

have a great day lovelies!


brlracincwgrl said...

I love learning, also! I almost thrive on it, crazy huh? Good luck in school!

Oh, and I definitely need a pair of feather earrings! How do I not own a pair yet?

a Bug and Bird said...

you're adorable... one thing i miss about being out of university is not getting to learn on a daily basis! but i learn things through blogging, reading, and tv!

Ashley Eliza said...

@brlracincwgril you need to get some/makes some feathers. they are rockin!!!

@abugandbird i totally agree with blogging as my learning tool haha. i always learn lots!


Samantha said...

yay for an A!! go you :)


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