October 18, 2011

the one where i did a tutorial.

okay, scary. 
never done this before...
drum roll please!
introducing my first tutorial.
{still need to learn how to edit these babies}
you're a trooper if you watch it to the end. 
it's super long. but it's start to finish of my daily fall smokey eye/fall makeup. 
if you want to just watch the eyes start @ 5:20 :)
no judging at how many times I say "pop" "or "blend" ha ha. 

have a fabo day peeps! I'm off to go take some midterms. 
wish me luck! 
happy happy Tuesday.

PS let me know what makeup tutorial {for color aka eyes,cheeks, lips} I should do next!
a. date night/going out {drastic}
b. everyday {simple}
c. in a rush (fast!)
d. name something else and i'll do it! the Ashley way. ha



Liesl said...

Good for you on going out there and making your first tutorial...people have asked me to start making videos, but alas I have not yet...perhaps I shall! You are wonderful and what a lovely blog!

Liesl :)

P.S. My vote would be for Date Night or Going Out look next!

Deveny said...

I've been waiting & waiting for someone to do a tutorial on how to know which lipsticks to pick (color/your coloring). Would LOVE that!

Stephanie said...

Loved the eyes! I did fast forward a little bit, but they looked so great! :) Can't wait to see some more tutorials (have you done one on hair yet!?!?!?).

Hope you had a great Tuesday! XOXO, Stephanie @ Blonde Highlights

Liesl said...

P.S. Thank you for such a sweet comment...I completely agree about quotes! Oh and I adore you blog too! :)

Emma Frances said...

Loved this! :] And I'm officially your newest follower! ;) Haha. I need to go out and buy more makeup though! I do not have almost any of the right stuff to make my face look as gorgeous as yours!!


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