October 19, 2011

today i heart...

i gave this show a whirl this morning.
ummm.. LOVE.
anyone else seen it??

 oh, memories.

I'm dying to have glasses like this. good thing it's almost time to get new ones.

i WILL do this in the far future. aw.

couldn't have said it better.

i need this.

I've always wanted a window seat. 

been jamming out to some 90's favorites today.
what is one of your favorite 90's songs?

happy hump day!!! 


Liesl said...

Thank you so much for bringing me back in time to elementary school when we used to play MASH...good times!

Liesl :)

Liesl said...

P.S. I would love to be twitter friends, but I don't have it as of yet...I might get it for my blog at some point and I will be sure to add you when I do! :)

Samantha said...

closing time makes me think of closing at the library at snow

Deveny said...

Love, love, love that show! I laugh like a crazy person & my husband gives me strange looks - worth it.

Rissy said...

well first of all I must say that today I heart you because I just saw my button on your blog! you rock

I LLOOVVEEE that show "New Girl."

You make me want nerd glasses... maybe I should just bite the bullet and get some.... yes, I'm going to. Let's be twinsies ; )

Paige said...

this made me soooooo happy!

Kelsey said...

ashley i lovelovelove your blog! i can't wait to follow! thank you for your sweet comment! xoxo


kimmers said...

That show is hilarious! Zooey is definitely awesome!

Courtney B said...

I NEED to see New Girl! Did you love it??
And I love love love all the different maternity/baby picture ideas on pinterest!

rebecca said...

new girl is freaking hilarious. I'm so bummed it hasn't been on lately because of stupid baseball.

Emma said...

i love new girl, such a cute show.

Stephanie said...

I LOVE THE NEW GIRL!!!! It's so hilarious! And I loved MASH... used to play it all the time... ahhh memories! :)

Hope all is well! XOXO, Stephanie

erica marie said...

I love the somewhere over the rainbow print, seriously sweet :)

xo erica


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