December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve & Day!

Since high school it's pretty much just been my parents and I for Christmas Eve and Day. We made our own tradition of getting Mexican food! Yummy. This year on Christmas Eve we got some grub & we also went to see Mission Impossible 4. I really liked it. 

Christmas morning we had our traditional wheat pancakes and strawberry jam. My mom is the best cook. Her waffles are to die for. She grinds the wheat and her jam is homemade. I hope to be half the cook she is when I have a family! 

I loved going to church on Christmas day. It made it that much more special. We went to my Grandma's ward. They had a wonderful service filled with music and all about the Saviors life. 

Then we came back and that afternoon opened presents! Santa was very good to me and gave me the camera lens I have been wanting. I was ecstatic!!! I was spoiled and also got some filters for my camera, perfume, a flat iron {hallelujah!!!}, jimmy choo perfume, and lots of other fun things! One of my favorite gifts was from my sister Becky. She had my name this year and got me a 5 year journal. It is so neat and I believe it deserves it's own blog post :)

The gift I was most excited about this year is the gift I gave my parents! For you long time readers, remember when I went on an awesome road trip this summer? Well I made a picture book from our road trip. It turned out so neat! And they LOVED it. 

make a gif
Make a gif

That night the rents and I visited some of my siblings! And i played Just Dance with the nieces and nephews! It was a riot. Oh, how I love the holidays.

This Christmas was a lot of fun. I love spending time with my parents and siblings families. I am so blessed to have all of them as my family. Most of all I am blessed to have the knowledge of the gospel and our Savior in my life!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.


Samantha said...

i would live at your house just to eat your madre's food! that's awesome you got a lense! i'm jealous! i bet it's amazing!

Kathy S said...

Looks like an amazing Christmas!


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