December 29, 2011

when Anastasia comes to town..

we go get pedi's & lunch

then we do hair and makeup.
and..this describes our relationships perfectly.

make a gif
Make a gif

isn't her daughter a beauty?

and other pictures.

and we celebrate the holidays with the old gang we grew up with.
we had a fun time doing the white elephant exchange. and i ended up with a hot dog rotisserie. if anyone wants one i am willing to give it away ;)  ha. then we played JUST DANCE.. my my my was it fun. we all got a little competitive. and it was such a wonderful evening.

oh, and i made a new friend. how adorable is camper?

needless to say i love when Anastasia comes to town!

1 comment

TheShippenFamily said...

Where did you get the chair emily is sitting on. I am looking for one like it for Ella's solo.


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