December 13, 2011

{pre-thanksgiving break}

sometimes you just need a weekend to rejuvenate from life. that is when i head to my little st. george utah. tate and i were lucky enough to get a little weekend away aka our pre thanksgiving break. (yes i realize this was almost a month ago.) this makes me sad blogging about this now because i wish i could just jump in these pictures because i am so ready for another break! {three more days.. three more days} this break was awesome. we went down with no plans but just to kick it in the condo. we made good food, slept, and RELAXED. it was amazing. time wasn't a factor. we went as we pleased, had one too many mountain dews, got massages, went to wal-mart in our leggings, boots, and cardigans {oh, so classy}, read, took naps, watched movies, played games, and slept some more. i didn't even bring my camera because i wanted to not even think about having to do anything. so thankful i was able to have this break.

i highly recommend this.

ps giveaway winner coming this week! stay tuned..

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