December 14, 2011

when we were young

whenever courty comes to town she, em & i get together. em and jeff had us over for dinner. and this time around somehow we busted out the year books, did a little blog stalking,and facebook stalking. what better things to do .. right? i love our chats. i love the people who make you laugh and that you can be your complete self around. don't you just love that?
love these girls. 


Gentri said...

How fun. :) I love reminiscing! :)
Btw I'd love for you to enter my giveaway, miss Ashley!

Liesl said...

Isn't that the best when you can get together with a long time friend and reminisce about the past and be silly and just laugh...those are the best friends and moments!

Liesl :)

Connie said...

It's a rare thing! Glad you got some quality girl time (:


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