January 20, 2012

cranky chuckies

i love trying new places. 
tiff and i went to a new local american bistro in provo. 
it was awesome! i ordered a Strawberry and Grilled Chicken with raspberry pomegranate vinaigrette. 
it was perfect. not too light for dinner and not too heavy. 
oh, and i especially loved their glasses. SO tall.SO perfect.
for an appetizer we got the nachos. ummm ya. they were heavenly.
the server was loving that i was taking pictures of my food. i'm sure he had a good laugh
 but hey i had to blog about it!
do you ever get funny looks when you are taking pictures of food or of something random in public? :)
anyhow if you're in the area, go check dave & cranky chuckies
i loved it. and will def be returning.

ps. see my necklace? i sort of can't stop wearing it. i'm kind of addicted.


Chelsea said...

You're way cute.

And I basically just want to eat everything you just virtually showed me. Such good photos!

McKenzie King said...

can i virtually pig-out on these pictures? um, delicious.

memory said...

you and your blog are seriously too adorbs. i'm proud to call myself a new follower.



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