January 23, 2012

the things i learn.

things i learned {or re-learned} this weekend:

+ it's fun shopping out of your own closet
+ the choco's fruit tarts are bomb
+ tom hanks is getting old
+sometimes it just feels good to cry
+night drives are my favorite
+sam is always someone i can lean on
+i love teaching
+taking risks although scary can be rewarding
+sometimes i need to take my own advice
+treat others as you want to be treated
+apple juice mixed with sprite makes me happy
+tweeting with my blog friends is the best
+i forgot how much i love the snow
+after doing two newborn photo sessions, i remembered why i love newborns
they are fresh from heaven i tell ya!
+i need to not book every minute of every day


eryka {from abcde} said...

love this post, ashley!!!



Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

LOVE. :)

& you are majorly talented with that camera, girl! xo

bonbon said...

HI Ashley!
I stumbled upon your blog via the link on eryka's page, and I am so impressed with your blog. And I thought you should know that pizza factory breadsticks are TOTALLY my weakness. Love the pics!


{wade.and.katie} said...

haha "tom hanks is getting old" you crack me up ash! Your camera is awesome all these pictures are such great quality!!!

Nikki @ The Ginger Diaries said...

I love posts like these that show the little things in life :) Keep them going!

And I really really want to have breadsticks right now!

XO Nikki

Alexis Kaye said...

wow your pictures are beautiful! Girl you got TALENT!!! And seriously, Pizza factory is one of my favorites! Those breadsticks are making my mouth water. I'm debating moving to Utah just for that!

Meg {henninglove} said...

is that breadsticks on an actual stick?? yummy!! they look soo good. my stomach is rumbling away now

Kelly said...

I found you through miss eryka's blog. You have an adorable blog...and you're making me crave Pizza Factory!

McKenzie King said...

i could really go for one of those breadsticks.


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