January 25, 2012

phone dump.

-miss megan & i @ chilis
-long day. feather earrings
-still obsessed with my mascara
-drives with mistill to the temple

-writing notes to sam in class
-regrowth say whaaaaat?
-hat days are my favorite
-beautiful utah mountains lit up in the AM

-laughing that my alarm says 'snooz' instead of 'snooze'. weird.
-visiting em at work
-sunday naps

-my cute paper chain present
-skyping with tate & pauly
-my version of mister napkin head for my nephews on skype!
-workin on my fitness

and that my friends is what i call a phone dump.

1 comment

kimmers said...

How are you Skyping with 2 people at once? I must know this secret!!


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