February 1, 2012

weekly link up!

drum roll please! 
welcome to the first ever link up party
eryka from abcde  my lovely blog bff & i are so thrilled about this!

how it works:
1. each week we will post the topic for that week, then blog about it on your blog and add the pic from above to your post. 
2. then, come back here and link it up at the end of this post as well as go over to  eryka's blog blog and do the same. make sure you link up to both!! 
3. now, read other bloggers lists and get to know them, that makes it the party!!! be sure to spread the word of this awesome weekly link up party! 

this weeks link up's theme is
a happy list.

the things that have made me extra happy this past week
+ sweet-tarts
+dying my hair brown
+making dinner plans with a cute boy
+getting caramel salted hot chocolate at starbucks
+painting my nails
+working out extra hard
+keeping my room clean
+tweeting blog friends
+fabulous photo sessions
+late night chats with best friends

isn't it about the little things in life that make everything better? i am so excited about this link up! i love making new blog friends and hearing about the fun things in life that make it that much better :) 

make sure to link up and join in on the fun! 
happy hump day.
i'm gonna make you girls a "hump day treat" hahaha name that movie....


memory said...

woot, woot! this is SO fun. i'm all linked up :)

i have never tried that drink at starbucks, but it sounds a-mazing.


Amy Lynn said...

mean girls!! haha love that movie. also you should look up the youtube video "Mean Disney Girls" if you haven't seen it.. so funny! Your new layout is fabulous, and I am excited to link up!

eryka {from abcde} said...

I am proud to call you my new blog BFF because you just quoted mean girls! One of my fave movies!!!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

I LOVE this link-up idea!!! I will definitely try to link up later today or tomorrow!



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