January 29, 2012

oh, the weekend

this weekend was a good one.. because:

 i had a fishtail braid.

i wore cute cupcake slippers that i had forgotten that i had.

 i  wrote some letters and notes.my cute 'a' stationary/cards.

i had a late night bbq din din @ goodwood.

i had two fun photo sessions. 
one for a local new restaurant & another for a good friend! 

i witnessed this beautiful sunset.

i saw this cute movie.

i had hot chocolate and cuppycakes with miss chelsea.

oh, and i dyed my hair brown :)
i love me some change.

what would we do with out the weekends?
they are my time to rejuvenate from the hectic week. i love getting spiritually fed, physically rested, having some spare time to do what i love, spend time with close friends, and check those things off my to do lists!
more importantly i love contemplating on the past week and taking the time to plan the next week. think of how i can be a better  person and how i am going accomplish my goals and tasks.
what do you love about the weekends?

i hope you all had a lovely weekend :)


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

OH OH OH the hair!! Love the new change...AND the fishtail braid! You are the cutest!!!

Gentri said...

LOVE the new hair Ashley! SO cute! You look sassy! haha! Sounds like you had SUCH a great weekend. :D

eryka {from abcde} said...

How fun! I loved all your pictures!!! :)


memory said...

sigh, i wish i knew how to do a fishtail. i've had one done by a friend on me once before, and i LOVED it.
(isn't rediscovering long-lost things the greatest? your slippers are cute, cute.)


Tiff said...

Wow to live a day in the life of Ash. I love every bit about you girl, especially the fact that you are so girly. You are my superwoman!!!

Ly said...

Yay for fishtail braids. Doing those braids are the only time I wish I didn't have layered hair haha



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