March 21, 2012

link up! pick your team!

This week we wanna know if you are Team Twilight or Team Hunger Games? Then after you tell us which you love better. We wanna know are you Team Edward or Team Jacob in Twilight. Or are you Team Peeta or Team Gale in Hunger Games? 


if you are new to this link up or if you forgot how it works here are the instructions:
 1. each week we will post the topic for that week, then blog about it on your blog and add the pic from above to your post. 
2. then, come back here and link it up at the end of this post as well as go over to eryka's blog and do the same. make sure you link up to both!! 3. now, read other bloggers lists and get to know them, that makes it the party!!! be sure to spread the word of this awesome weekly link up party! 
{my link will be up shortly}
okay now for the good stuff
i am team twi-games. call me lame. but i just don't think i can pick. i mean i love both so dang much. i love the adventure and face paced'ness' of the hunger games. and i love the intensity through out the book. and then theres twilight. i fell for it. {as most of you did} i became obsessed and involved. so why not both!
i do love how wrapped up i have become in both.
to miss the characters when you are done reading. to keep wanting more.. 
it's nice to have a hype over something, especially going to the midnight premieres {which bet your bottom dollar i will be there tomorrow night}
and on to the next..
i am team peeta.
okay yumm.
need i say more.
i'll let the pictures talk here for a  minute

i have to admit i have only read the first book in the hunger games series so maybe it will change but i just love the chemistry that is there. and all "pretending" that they have to do. although you know behind the scenes other things are happening inside their heads. ughhh. and the moment they kiss. i think i died and went to heaven.
i just love him.
peeta, will you marry me?
link up on erykas blog peeps!
are you going to the midnight showing?


eryka {from abcde} said...


kailyn marie said...

LOVE IT. and Yes I am going to the midnight showing. Definitely going to post a movie review Friday while I'm sleep deprived at work :)

Katie said...

I just started the second book, but I've got to say that I love Gale. But Peeta is so sweet and has held a torch for so long that I'm a little torn... Either way, I'm super excited to hit up the midnight showing this week! :)

kayla said...

Awesome topic for the link up this week!! I'm definitely Team Hunger Games & Team Peeta. I mean, those photos just explain why I am Team Peeta and not Team Gale. And, I think I died when they finally kissed too! XD


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