March 20, 2012

march madness 17-20

can't believe we're on the down slope of this month. each month goes by faster and faster! well it's back to school today folks. it's been nice not to have to worry about school and just focus on other things this past week! it's getting harder and harder to pick out clothes for my 'themed' days. about two weeks before i started doing my 'march madness' i had started to do 'no repeats'. aka= no wearing the same shirt twice, until i went through all of my shirts. jeans were the exception. its literally been a challenge because at least for me i have my same few shirts/cardigans that i love to wear and probably wear more often then i should :) but i am almost half way through my closet! soooo we will see how the rest of the month goes!
do you ever try to wear different things? 
what works for you? 

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Samantha said...

i gave you an award :)


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