April 13, 2012

easter 2012.

i heart easter.

 -easter dress
-candy dish
-egg tree
-mama shippen teaching me to make the best deviled eggs
-beautiful dyed eggs.
-the easter bunny still hides my basket!
-it just wouldn't be easter with out the old school scary bunny..
-best. easter. dessert. ever.

this past easter sunday was a very relaxed sunday. great church meetings. nap time. family time. treat time. and most of all reflecting on the life of my savior.

i am so eternally grateful for the great sacrifice that he made for each of us
 so that i can live with him some day.
he lives.


Samantha said...

that bunny still freaks me out

TheShippenFamily said...

I love the scary bunny. Your dress is so cute, where did you get it from?

Andrea @ Love is... said...

I LOVE your dress! Where is that from?

Emma Frances said...

I am in love with your Easter dress! Where is it from?!

memory said...

I'm wish them. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that dress.


memory said...

*with, not wish. ha

Natasha L'nei said...

Not to be redundant but your dress is adorable!! :)

Chelsea @ J+C..And Kenzie said...

I love your dress... so cute!!!! I'm jealous.


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