April 14, 2012


sometimes i bring fun props to photo shoots.

sometimes {okay every day} i pick out a color palette for my eye shadow

sometimes i take the nieces bowling.

sometimes court comes to visit.


and we go for walks up the canyon.

sometimes people spell my name wrong.

sometimes we don't see people for years.
and absolutely nothing changes.

sometimes we stay at a restaurant for hours.
 talking and reminiscing.

sometimes we go rollerblading in the rain

and end up loosing our voice.
and catching a cold.

and sometimes when you're sick you have to 
 lay in bed and watch how i met your mother.
and catch up on blogging.

the end.

happy weekend friends.


Liesl said...

Happy Weekend to you too, Ashley! What lovely pictures, and I love that you pick out a palette for your make-up each day, so fun! :)

eryka {from abcde} said...

sometimes...my bff is too aborbs! feel better lady! xo

Gentri said...

SOmetimes, I just miss you so much! haha! Love this post! Skype date soon, ok?!

Elisha(: said...

I just LOVE cowboy boots!! love this post! do more!!

E :-) said...

You're eyes are so blue! You look like you had fun rollerblading, even though you ended up sick. Boo!

Emma Frances said...

Getting sick can't be too bad when you get to fill your time with HIMYM and blog reading! Haha. And you seriously have the most GORGEOUS blue eyes EVER~!!

memory said...

Sometimes you're just too cute for your own good. did you know that? :D
I love how your red lipstick matches your sweatshirt when you're roller blading.


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