April 26, 2012

Guest Post: Eryka from ABCDE

Hi Absolutely Ashley readers, I'm Eryka from ABCDE. I blog about my life as a wifey, as well as blog things I love and that inspire me. You probably know me since Ash and I have a weekly link up series on our blogs. Well,  Ashley is off having the time of her life on vacation.. I am so beyond jealous but, she already knows that. Since she is gone she asked me to take over her blog for the day. Of course I said yes. Ash asked me a few questions so here are my answers! Enjoy! 

1. Tell us about you:  
This is always so awkward telling people about myself. I never know what to say. I was a born and raised California girl, got married in March 2011 and now I'm a Utah girl. I honestly love Utah and only miss Ca sometimes. Weird huh? I'm a wifey to my awesome hubby Daniel. I love Pinterest. I am like a total pinterest a holic. I get way too attached to book and tv characters. Like, its sad sometimes I feel like they are real. So ridic huh? You can read more about me here

2. Why do you blog?
  I started this blog as a way to update family on my life a few years ago. Now its a place where I share my thoughts and feelings. It is pretty much my journal. I also share things I love and things that inspire me. I love blogging. It really has become a part me. I love it. I have made some awesome friends from the blogging world. Even Miss Ashley! We feel like we have known each other forever and really its been a few months. Don't you love when that happens in the blogging world?! I do! 

3. What do you look forward to most this Summer?
 I am not really a summer girl. I prefer to be cold. But, I do love summer for a few things. Swimsuits, Sno cones, Tans, Flips Flops, and the warm summer nights. Dan and I have decided this summer we want to do more things outside. That means, camping, road trips {planning one to vegas}, BBQs, and walks. One thing I am looking forward to that is happening this summer. Is my bestest friend/my real life cousin Annie is finally getting married!! :)

4. What is something random that you normally don't tell people?
  Hmm, let's see. I was a cheerleader in High School. Well it was the POM squad. We mostly danced. Shocking huh? I really can't stand cheerleaders now but I have decided if I have a daughter some day I would totally support her if she wanted to be one. But, I would suggest maybe dance instead. Wink Wink. I tried to find a picture of me and my friend in our cheer uniforms but I think they all are gone. Sad day! Sorry! 

There you have my Q&A. I hope you enjoyed it. Don't be shy, come on over to my blog and say Hi! I love new friends and hope you all have a wonderful day! 

You can find me here: Facebook/Pinterest/Twitter/Tumblr and on Instagram @erykaann


Thanks E for taking over the blog! 

everyone head over to Eryka's blog and say hello. She is so dang cute and hilarious!
& she is just as cool in person. we had quite the shopping extravaganza at city creek.

Hope you all are having a lovely day.


His Little Lady said...

oh yay! i just stumbled across your blog on eryka's site. you are absolutely adorable! love this guest post :)
xo TJ

memory said...

I love that pic of her and her man at the ball game.. So cute.
And I had no idea that she was a cheerleader and that you two just met and became friends through blogging! So neat.

Katie said...

Fun! I will have to go check out her blog! And I'll have to look more around your blog too - I'm your newest follower :) I can already tell it's adorable.

Derek and Talia said...

so fun! and ash can i have that whole outfitt?? it is darling. details pleeeaaase :) ?

Purposely at Home said...

Eryka is amazing. :) Thank you for having her, Ashley. I really enjoyed reading her guest post! :)



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