April 27, 2012

Guest Post: Talia from Derek & Talia

hello there. i am Talia & Derek is my husband, who happens to be my best friend, who happens to be the best part of my life. our little 
blog is about us two hooligans and our life since we tied the knot. when Ashley asked me to guest post while she was going to be on vacation i couldn't have been more excited. this is my first official guest post so here it goes :)

1. Tell us about you: 
a little bit about me...i grew up living in tokyo, japan and moved to utah when i was 14. i also spent some time living in arizona and chicago for a little bit as well. although moving can be rough at times i love change and bring it any change i get. derek is a born and raised north ogden, utah boy and would be content golfing everyday for the rest of his life. we love snowboarding, running and making/eating sushi. i usually carry 3 cameras with me everywhere i go, and will never pass up a thrift store. my favorite ones are D.I. & Buffalo exchange. right now were are students, derek is studying athletic therapy and after will study physical therapy, i just got my practical x-ray license and want to continued studying radiology.

2. Why do you blog? 
i started this blog right after we got married to document all of the little things that make me happy in life. growing up i have always kept a journal and even wrote consistently every night just about for 2 years. it is so fun for me to look back and remember those little moments that made my heart happy at that point in time and also to see how much i have grown.

3. What do you look forward to most this Summer?
summer has always been my favorite time of year for a few reasons- that's when derek and i met, we celebrate our wedding anniversary and also my birthday. not to mention all of the rope swings, campfires, corn on the cob, wake surfing, trail running, star gazing and s'mores. this summer i am especially looking forward to celebrating our 1 year anniversary (!) another fun thing i can hardly wait for is for the Spud Man Triathlon in burley idaho. this will be my 5th year and derek's 1st. we can't wait to camp out under the stars, swim in the snake river, and run through the potato fields with the town folk spraying us with there garden hoses and ringing cowbells.

4. What is something random that you normally don't tell people?
something i normally don't tell people is that i was a girl scout for 6 years! before you start thinking that i'm a super nerd, let me explain that it was actually the cool thing to do in Japan. all of my close friends were in my troop and my friend's mom was our scout leader. we did wear the iconic green sashes but later crossed over to using charm bracelets, with a new charm for each badge we would earn. i actually graduated with my Gold Award, which is equivalent to an 'Eagle Scout' in Boy Scouts, right before i moved to utah.

thanks so much Ash! 
come introduce yourself on over at Derek & Talia, i would be delighted to meet you!!

go check our her blog. 
her hair is to die for and she has the most beautiful pictures.
Thanks Tal!



MzJessicaxo said...

Great post sweetie!
I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award :)


<3 Jessica

eryka {from abcde} said...

I love her blog!!! Have fun!!


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