April 30, 2012

Guest Post: Sam from Sam in Real Life

Well hello!

I am Sam from Sam in Real Life stopping by while Ashley is living it up on vacation (so jealous! And so excited for her!)  

A little about me:  I'm the oldest of 8 kids currently working on a degree in Elementary Education.  I'll be interning  next year in a 3rd grade classroom (Gah! So excited)  I love reading (I'm kinda a nerd), The Office, The Beatles, photography, and just hanging out with awesome people like Ashley.

Why I blog:  Well it's actually because of Ashley that I blog.  I always made fun of her for having a blog and then I started my own and got hooked!  This is like my journal, except for it's online and everyone can read it.  It's a little creative corner of the internet that I can call mine.  

Looking forward to this summer: I can not wait for this summer!  I want to hit up the canyon for some bonfires and camp outs, go on road trips, see fireworks, and decorate my classroom for next year.  

Something random I normally don't tell people:  Well, I like to smell books. Whenever I buy a book, I smell it, right in the spine.   Does anyone else have this strange habit?  

So that's a little about me.  Hope to see you soon :)

thanks sammers.
isn't she the cutest?
i am lucky to call her my best friend.
go check out her bloggy.

happy monday!


Karina Marie Powell said...

cute cute cute blog! so happy i found you!

garywacker said...

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