April 1, 2012

i did it!

i did it.
during the month of  march the sis and i made up a march madness challenge. we created 31 themed days which we would create our outfits from. it was fun to see what we both came up with obviously having different wardrobes, but just to see how different our ideas were of each days theme!

am i glad to be done? yes.
did it stretch my creativity? yes.
was it fun? yes
did i put pieces together that i had never worn together before and normally wouldn't? every. single. day.
did i ever have to think about what to wear? yes, but it was nice to have a plan.
would i do it again with different themes? perhaps in a few months!
but yee-haw.. now i'm all done!

my faves were:
-pattern mixing
-over accessorize.

any faves? 


Emma Frances said...

I am impressed! I need to try something like this! Next time you do it I might just have to join you! Although I would have to wake up earlier...and I'm not sure how I feel about that! Haha. I love all of your outfits though! So cute!! I was going to say what my favorites are but there are so many to choose from! I really think they're all great!!

Ronda said...

This is so great. I need this kind of inspiration to get me out of wearing the same outfits over & over again. I might steal your list and try it myself sometime.


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