April 1, 2012

ode to thursday & the weekend.

-grapegruit izze
-newest song obsession. anyone else think he sounds like JT?
-teenager post makes me giggle
-target loving.
-90's pop on pandora. best. thing. ever.
-necklace from the mother.
-my owl shirt
-me watchin soccer
-beckham the dog.
-jeffies picture
-mi car
-the work calendar
-president monsen
-utah lake
-cafe galleria
-mama shippen
-pear salad and margarita pizza
-bracelet obsession
-girls night out
-me and the nephew
-the guys after priesthood session
-always doing shoe pics.
-miss em
-grocery shoppin
-courty came to town
-yogurtland or candyland?
-conference waffles.

it was a fun filled weekend with work, girls night out to midway to the cutest brick oven pizza place, catching up with courtney, soccer and randomness with melissa, and last but not least being spiritually uplifted with conference. it always comes at a time when i need it the most. i am so grateful for the gospel in my life and for my heavenly father. 


eryka {from abcde} said...

Lovely pictures darling!! :)

Alyx said...

holy moly, so many pictures!! :)
Those conference waffles look delish!

Emma Frances said...

Brick oven pizza sounds so good! And all of that food looks amazing! I'm hungry now! And I want frozen yogurt! And conference was amazing as always!!

his little Lady said...

okay, i kind of LOVE that you included the biebs in this collection of pictures! and conference was definitely inspiring ;)
xo TJ

memory said...

That quote from Instagram has me giggling. It's so true though! :)

Thank you for your comment on my voluteer post, Ashley! Your encouragment is sweet... thank you so much!


Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

cute cute cute. I am obsessed with Izze drinks...but I can't find them anywhere anymore! :P


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