April 4, 2012

link up:current music obsessions

sometimes life gets in the way and you forget to post your own link up. oops. forgive me, eryka!

but i leave with you my current top three song obsessions.. ready, set, listen!

anyone else think he sounds like JT? 

and yes ma'am i love me some country.

i still listen to this over and over.
i don't think i'll ever get sick of it.
we. are. young.

nighty night.


Anonymous said...

We are young is MY FAVE!!! That's goin on my list now too LOL

kailyn marie said...

psssssssst...I nominated you for an award :)

Laura Darling said...

I can't stop listening to that Fun song either! So catchy!

memory said...

I'm loving the Beibs.

Grabbing your button! Sorry for the trouble on mine and for me taking forever to get yours up. I've been out of town with limited acess to the internet.



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