May 23, 2012

link up YO!

hi friends.
yes, it's me!

i am excited for E's and my link up today!

Now for this weeks topic: Blog Crushes

1. julia from gal meets glam: she is just about as fabulous as they come. from her outfits to her tutorials to her fabo lip colors. i have followed her for quite some time and can't get enough

2.emma from race & emma. okay this girl is so cute and i have enjoyed getting to know her through IG, emailing, and her blog. she is so cute and i Love her dressing of 'le bump' posts. follow. her. now.

3.shannon from GBO fashion. i was lucky enough to randomly have lunch with her {and miss gentri} the other week! it was fun to meet another blogger and then read her blog. umm she is hilarious and i dig her style. and most of all i love how she writes.

go check them out.

and tell me who your blog "crushes" are.

ps don't forget to link up with me and E! 

pps NYC posts will be up shortly. keep your eye out :)

if you are new to this link up or if you forgot how it works here are the instructions:
1. each week we will post the topic for that week, then blog about it on your blog and add the button from above to your post.
2. then, come back here and link it up at the end of this post as well as go over to eryka's blog and do the same. make sure you link up to both!!
3. now, read other bloggers lists and get to know them, that makes it the party!!! be sure to spread the word of this awesome weekly link up party!

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