May 25, 2012

fridays ramblings: sometimes edition

sometimes i forget how nice it is to let my hair air dry and just do its thing.

sometimes i hate the fact that i have to drive 40 minutes just to re stalk my makeup necessities. thank you nordies for leaving me lonely. i even made a list, so i would be sure not to forget anything.

sometimes deactivating your facebook is the best thing that could ever happen to you.

sometimes working extra hours pays off when you get paid.

sometimes i forget how much i love friends that know me almost better than i know myself. and especially when we laugh at the silliest of things.

sometimes hiking is good for you. okay all the time.

sometimes your old self encourages your new self. (thank you journals)

sometime i WILL finish the last harry potter (sam and megan you better throw me a party when i finish..)

all the time. not just sometimes, adele speaks to me.

sometimes i miss getting letters.

sometimes i wish i was 19 again.

sometimes i love teaching.

sometimes we have more pictures to sort through then we know what to do with, so we get too lazy to blog.

and just because i can't stand a post without a picture.
must be the photographer blood in me.
here's me today with my air dried hair at work.

happy weekend folks.



Samantha said...

oh, you will get the biggest "Yay she finished harry potter!!! finally!!" party ever

Stacylyn said...

I don't know why, but I loved this post! :)

eryka {from abcde} said...

i miss you ash! and you are darling!!!

Amy Lynn said...

daaang. i wish my hair air dried like that.. i'd rock it all the time. unfortunately i have a hot poofy mess to deal with haha

Amanda said...

I also wish my hair air dried like that haha you're beautiful ash!

Hima said...

Wow, your hair air dries so well! It's really pretty!

And I know EXACTLY what you mean about all those pictures.


Purposely at Home said...

Your hair looks amazing air-dryed!! I totally wish mine looked that good when the air dries it. ;) I hope you are having an awesomesauce day!


Jenny said...

I love air drying my hair...mostly because I am lazy! I am SO glad I found your adorable following :)
Modern Modest Beauty

Emma Frances said...

I wish my hair air dried pretty! The only time it does is when I'm near the beach. Haha. Why is that?! Anyway, love this post and I need to stop being such a lazy blogger!


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