June 4, 2012

{NYC} part two

day two:
i ate and ate.

the end.

okay, but for reals. hello food on day two!
we went on a 'food tour' in central greenwich village and a bit of soho. by food of new york tours.
you pretty much get a taste of the best of NYC food, culture, and architecture.

it was great to experience the real feeling of the village and see all the locals. 
we had an awesome tour guide named susan. she was so cute and hilarious.
we walked around the village to all the different restaurants.

we went to these places:

Focacceria - Sidewalk tasting at an Italian Bistro (Est. 2000)
Masala Times - Sidewalk Tasting at an Indian Street Food Eatery (Est. 2010)
Monte's Trattoria - Seated tasting at a classic Italian restaurant (Est. 1918)
Cuba Restaurant - Seated tasting at an authentic Cuban restaurant (Est. 2002)
Joe's Dairy - Outdoor tasting at an old-fashioned dairy/cheese shop (Est. 1953)
Once Upon a Tart - Outdoor tasting at a charming French cafe/bakery (Est. 1994)

walking through washington square park.

this cute singer was singing. 
i was a little shy but i went up and talked to him.
he was mmm mmm good.

i can't even decide which place i liked the best.
they were all so delicious and unique in their own way.
i do have to say though that the indian food was bomb.com 
and the fresh mozzarella was to DIE for.
i crave these both. if you are ever in NYC. 
take a few hours and do a food tour. 
you won't regret it.

then we walked around some market shops on the side and did a little shopping.
we also stopped and sat on a bench for a bit and rested.

we came across an amazing store.
i was in camera heaven.
it was called lomography. 
they are all about bringing film back since everything is digitized now days.
i may or may not have taken holga home with me. 

then we rushed back to the hotel to primp for 
dun dun dun dun..

i was excited to wear my black sequins, heels, and chandelier earrings.

phantom blew me away. the orchestra was phenomenal!!! 
i jumped when the chandelier dropped. and the singing was flawless.
i could have watched it every night i was there.
and of course i fell in love with the phantom.

we headed over to juniors for a late din din and cheesecake. 

and that was my day two in the big apple!
until day three.. 



E :-) said...

I'm going to NYC this August and am totally going to Junior's! I can't wait!

Samantha said...

all of that food looks amazing!!

Emma Frances said...

That food tour sounds incredible!! My mouth is watering! And your outfit for Phantom was gorgeous!! I love it! I need to find more reasons to dress up!


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