May 28, 2012

{NYC} part one

 i finally got my act together and organized and sorted through my pictures.
you can thank me later for how much time it took :)
thank heavens for a day off to get random things done! 

behold this is the first post of my lovely NYC trip with my sis.
we had the trip of a lifetime!
hope you enjoy the many pictures, drool over the delicious NYC food, and crave going to a NYC Broadway.

we caught the red eye on a thursday night.

for some odd reason i couldn't sleep for the life of me on the plane so i was up for a good 48 hours before i slept next. and somehow didn't even get tired! this was the beautiful view of manhattan as we drove into the city.  

my first time on a subway!

i played tourist well.

after we dropped our bags off at the hotel our fist stop was walking through an awesome farmers market. then we headed to union square park! it was so so cute. i think one of my favorite things about NYC was the random parks throughout the city. i loved just soaking it all in. at this particular park they had a "dog park" in it. everyone in the city has a dog. it made me want one too.

then we headed over to brunch at shopsins. holy moly. the food was absolutely amazing.
i had the "adobe" which is egg burrito, coconut pancakes, and cranberry salsa. i also had an orange julius. DELISH. it was surreal. and i still crave it to this day.
check out their menu here. its crazy, intense, & awesome.

this is us at grand central station. 
i felt like i was in a movie.

this was our cute room in times square.

we had fun taking our time and wandering the streets.

{for those of you who watch HIMYM i laughed when i saw this couch on the street}

baked by melissa. was divine,.. they were micro cupcakes. perfect if you ask me. my favorite was the cookie dough. yum,

we then ventured over to the corner of bedford & grove. to see what you may ask? 
oh the outside of the "f.r.i.e.n.d.s" apartment. i was like a little girl in a candy shop. and yes, i will be blowing up one of my pics of it to frame and hang up. i was in HEAVEN.

i was hoping chandler or joey would pop out at any given moment, but unfortunately they didn't ;(

we hopped on a double decker tour bus for a bit. they are so fun.

for lunch we had joes pizza.
umm. i love joe. this was probably my fave nyc pizza that we had.
oh.. joe.

we snagged some broadway tickets early on that day for "Memphis"
i really enjoyed it. 

then we grabbed some shake shack burgers after the show for a late night din din.
and then we fell fast asleep. i was beat! after day one NYC had won me over.

until the next post... xoxo


Amy Lynn said...

ahhh so fun! i cant wait to read/see more :)

Emma Frances said...

So so fun! I can't wait to see more pictures and hear about more of your adventures!! I need to go to NYC again!

Alana Christine said...

1. So jealous of your NYC trip! I LOVE New York!
2. I've never taken a red eye--are they cheaper? How do you find them? I can sleep anywhere so I think I'd do great on those!
3. You're are gorgeous!

E :-) said...

I love NYC! After day 1 I was hooked too! It's awesome!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

Oh BOY I LOVELOVELOVE NYC. And I adore all your fun pictures...what a wonderful trip!!!!!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Love all the pictures! Did you start singing the Friends theme song outside the apartment? I probably would have been shouting it from the rooftops in excitement.

Ansel Leigh said...

I just came across your blog...can I just say...Dr. PEPPER!!!! wahoo!!! And your photos are amazing. But even more so is Dr. Pepper. (It's a Friday afternoon, and I need a shot of Dr.)


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