June 30, 2012

the one after the big city.

sometimes when we have days off of work 
when we finish a vacation from the big city 
we sleep in & then watch sister on tv.

get all dolled up and wear our scarf from the city.

we drive up to salt lake

to see a chick flick.

and then since your poor feet are tired from all that walking we get a pedi..and a mani.

then we eat our favorite mango berry salad from zupas.
and chel becomes camera shy.

then we meet up with more good friends..

and go for drives and talk for hours.

on another note..
other days we wait for our friends to get home from work 
and we end up taking pictures of our feet in the car.

and when we get sick of waiting in the car we lay on the grass and
try to pick out shapes and animals in the clouds.
 and then we get chocolate from sees.
and melissa gets cute texts from boys.

and other nights
we meet our friends new boyfriend (now fiance..)
to give the stamp of approval!

life is good.
i'm excited to share the past month of randomness with you
in random posts like this!

happy weekend.


Emma Frances said...

I love this post. It's so full of random wonderfulness! :]

Ashley said...

I adore your outfit and need that scarf! I found your lovely blog through ABCDE and I would love for you to come and check out my little blog.


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