June 27, 2012

weekly dish with a&e: sytycd style

this week on dish we're talking so you think you can dance.
oh gosh, do i love this show. i am VERY guilty though.
i haven't started to watch this current season yet. oops.
it's for sure on the top of my list of shows to catch up on.

being a 'has-been' dancer i've always loved watching this show.
i love critiqing along side with the judges. laughing at the tryouts, and being amazed by all the flawless technique. not to mention it has been extra fun seeing people from my high school on it.
remember allison holker? chelsie hightower? yupp. they both rock.

enough chat, lets watch my faves.
{i have way too many.. so here's a few}

oh, and when shane sparks was one of the chreographers 
on the show he taught me a few segments from one of the opening numbers when
i was in california with my college dance team. cool, eh?
he was absolutley hilarious and was demonstrating the number with me.
don't mind us, we had been dancing for proably 10 hours.

while we're talking about dancing..
please tell me you have watched the BRING IT ON movies?
okay, well another one of my fave chreographers is tony g.
he chreographed everything for all of the BRING IT ON movies..
 and he even gave me a gold ribbon.
go me! hollar.

what are some of your favorite SYTYCD dances?

ps. have any topic you want us to dish about? email us. ashley.shippen@gmail.com or abcde.the.blog@gmail.com


eryka {from abcde} said...

love love them all!

kailyn marie said...

I forgot about Bleeding Love!!

Sammantha said...

Love this show, so cool that you were kinda taught by him!!!


Emma Frances said...

I've watched so many SYTYCD videos on YouTube but I've never watched the show. I really need to!

Caitlyn Andrus said...

i love Neil & Sabra Jazz routine, Sweet Dreams... its the one with the table.

Also Twitch, My Chick Bad, Hip hop

and plenty more!!!


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