June 20, 2012

weekly dish with a & e: vlog style

hi friends
just watch. then comment.
this is the real deal. the real me. the real eryka.
don't laugh too much.
because i already giggled enough in this vlog for the both of us.
A&E VLOG.m4v from abcde the blog on Vimeo.
-eryka is hilarious. we laugh way too much.
-i hate my voice recorded.
-i don't mind asking strangers to take my picture.
-eryka needs to come decorate for me: she is pretty much profesh. her house is adorable!
-i put way too much seasoning on the chicken. we made din din. recipe here.
-i was once again reminded i like being behind the camera, not in front.
-blog friends fave subject is blogging.


any topics you want us to dish about?
 please email them to us. ashley.shippen@gmail.com or abcde.the.blog@gmail.com



Gentri said...

I love that you guys thought of me!! :D I actually waved at my computer screen when you did... hahaha!
Pretty Little Liars is the best! I've been addicted since the beginning. It's fantastic!

Amy Lynn said...

haha you ladies are great!! and eryka's makeup was way pretty... way to go ash :)

Anonymous said...

seriously you two :) you make me smile. love ya'lls. I don't watch the bachelorette (gasp!) but I DO WATCH "Take Me Out". It's probably just as corny, but i love it.

Emma Frances said...

You two are so cute! Happy Wednesday! :) And I love both of your colored skinnies!

AllyM said...

I SO wanna listen to this, but I CAN'T until after school--yes...im on blogger and not teacher. KILL ME:)

Can't wait!

Courtney*Cakes said...

you guys are so cute.
end of story.

Samantha said...

lol oh you guys. that dinner looked really good on instagram and I wanted to eat some :) love you


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