June 22, 2012

{NYC} part three

i know, i know
it's about time i got blogging about the rest of my trip.
may & june have both been such crazy, fun-filled, busy months! 
i figure i better blog about my wonderful trip to the city before i forget the little details

day three:

i decided to dress a little biz-nass nerdy like since we were headed to wall street.

we decided to have brunch at a swedish pastry shop.
we are swedish on both sides of the family and even celebrate st. lucia day each year.
so this place was a must.
this little shop was called fiko espresso bar
i had the most amazing fresh squeezed orange juice and a swedish scone. 
it was #getinmybellygood

access to the statue of liberty was actually closed while we were there but, we were able to take the staten island ferry around the island and had a pretty good view of lady liberty! 
it was amazing to see it in real life.
i remember as a kid my parents came home from NYC and brought me one of those green foam lady liberty crowns and i used to dance around it it all the time.
it was so fun and amazing to see her in real life and remember the history on the statue.
{before the trip my sis was awesome and would send me links to read up on things before our trip so i would know more/refresh my knowledge of the historical background of the places we would be visiting!}

just a tid bit of information for me to remember. 
this was the day my feet were killing.
 i was dumb enough to wear sandals the day before.
i got mega blisters.
and was a little ornery . {sorry sis}

after the ferry we ventured over to brooklyn.
aka we walked the bridge!

don't mind my hair, it was little windy!

we ate at a bomb pizza place called ignazio's pizza.
hello, margarita pizza.
i could eat NYC pizza every day of my life and never get sick of it.

one of my favorite parts of the trip is next.
we visited the 911 memorial.
it was such a spiritual experience for me.
i will never forget this day of the trip visiting and walking ground zero.
how special and sacred those grounds are.
the feelings felt there were unreal.
i got teary eyed as i saw the many names engraved around the special pools of water.
they couldn't have designed a more perfect memorial.

they did not just place the names in random or alphabetical order.
they talked with the families, co-workers and friends and placed them to those who they were closest with. 
read more about the memorial here.

we hopped back on our double decker tour bus. it was pretty cold this day!

we ended the night with some grub and frozen hot chocolate at serendipity.

then we wandered times square back to our hotel.

boy oh boy were my feet ready for bed.

read about day one here


eryka {from abcde} said...

I love these! and yay for blogging! :)

Emma Frances said...

Such a fun trip! Whenever I make it to NYC again I'm getting trip tips from you!! Haha.


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