July 10, 2012

and june.

june included chris young concert, trying to eat healthy (with a few sweet treats in between) , manti pageant, colored skinny jeans, orem summerfest, snow cones, fireworks, pretty little liars, gym time, strawberry days rodeo, swimming, making dinner with eryka from abcde, fathers day,classic skating with the nieces, moving, bachelorette nights, visits from courty, jared & jordans wedding, movie nights, sunday walks, my okdest sis and her family came from arizona, wedding extravaganza began, jill came to visit from colorado, i got mail from livylove, hot tubbing with the roomies, megs moving to montana, sundance moon lift with the cousin, letting my hair air dry, busting out the fun summer shoes, & of course lots of family time!

phew! that was a lot of pictures. i love june for this exact reason. there are so many fun activities and events that go on every year that i love making them a tradition to go to. what a fun filled month! 


Amanda said...

Ummm your nieces are beautiful and GIRL! You're getting skinny skinny!!! miss you :)

Samantha said...

CUTE curtains :)


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