July 15, 2012

the one with fun filled and packed jammed week.

The past week has been fun filled and packed jammed.
I was so excited when my friend Anastasia came to town! We always plan lots of fun things to do.
This night we went to din din and a movie. I went with three mamas. We saw snow white and the huntsman. I enjoyed it but I totally fell asleep. I cannot go to a 9:30 movie anymore. Looks like I'm getting OLD! 

I was able to go to a blog meet up with these fine ladies.
It's always a treat to meet new blog friend in real life. 
I loved meeting Jenna and Elise
And of course Diana and I had a blast on the way up. 
Thanks for planning this Elise!

Last Sunday was hard to say goodbye to my sister and her family for a while. They were able to visit Utah for a long visit. I was finally able to meet my twin nieces and play lots with her older daughter. I just love them to pieces and it was sad to see them go. I will miss my Kara saying 'Aunt Ashweeeee" She just melts my heart! Miss you already, Erika!

My mom makes the best strawberry pie you ever did taste. #getinmybelly

Sometimes the roomies and I go to McD's late at night. Gross. But so good.

Nas, Emilee and I were able to go to Pizzeria 712. Hello delicious. We ate our little hearts out and need I say more? Just look at the pictures. I crave this every day. I love spending time with these two. They are my childhood besties.

Me and Zack have been hanging out late at night. Don't tell anyone.

So i sometimes make weird faces for pictures? But how cool is my necklace from NYC? I'm sort of obsessed with it right now.

Dollar movies rock. 

Diana and her husband set me up with Daniels cousin. We had a great time at the Bombay house and laughed a LOT. Oh blessed blind dates :) Thanks for the good times Diana! PS Indian food is bomb. YUMMY!

I caved in and bought a bow. Apparently is the new thing to do.  Thoughts?

Happy Sunday! 


Amy Lynn said...

i love your bow!! also i'm right there with you on movies passed 9:30 haha i ALWAYS fall asleep... yet at my house i can stay up forever. something about the theater just puts me to sleep haha

eryka {from abcde} said...

You are too cute!! Ahh your birthday is tomorrow!!! :)


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