July 12, 2012

sometimes: summer edition.

-sometimes we eat random snacks that are all green & in a green bowl
-sometimes boys flirt with you at the pool, when all you want to do is read your people mag without being interrupted
-sometimes nature takes your breath away
-sometimes all you need is a good afternoon in the sun with a bestie
-sometimes i go to the movies for work, during work
-sometimes we accidentally post the same picture in the collage, and are too lazy to re do it (oops)
-sometimes all you need is a sweet treat after a long day.

-sometimes we have dance parties in the car, go to din din smelling like tanning oil, and record ourselves singing the lyrics to a song we barley know.

-sometimes we rock the lace headband & braid because we're just too lazy to do our hair
-sometimes it rains the second you go out to take bridals, and you just want to cry
-sometimes you rock your fake rolex & wish it was real
-sometimes you obsess over grams ring
-sometimes you watch the sunset from your living room
-sometimes all you need is a good popsicle and card games
-sometimes you need an izze to sit through hours of editing

the end.


eryka {from abcde} said...

love love amys photos!! :)

Emma Frances said...

Wait, going to the movies for work during work?! What's that all about? And I love that you posted the same picture and didn't bother changing it! Haha. I would totally do that! Yay for summer!

Christi Lynn said...

oh i loved the amazing spider man! cute blog girl :)


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