September 5, 2012

i bought a coke and some gasoline.

Labor day weekend was super busy-just the way I like it. I was able to shoot a wedding on Friday for the lovely Amy. I was a little nervous that it was going to rain but the overcast weather ended up being  PERFECT. It was a gorgeous day. The bride and groom were so happy and in love. It was a super busy day up at the Salt Lake Temple. That night the reception was simply just as perfect. I can't wait to share more pictures.. but for now these will have to do :)
I love weddings.

The rest of the weekend included a baby hospital shoot, not sleeping in (i dunno what my deal is!) watching lots of friends and movies,staying at my parents house, pizza and jamba with Tate, celebrating sis' birthday, church,catching up on some blogs, spending time with good friends,playing in Salt Lake with Lindee, a friends reception,watching more friends, and making my favorite meal of my mamas.
I sorta really like Labor Day.


Amanda Schroeder said...

You are a fabulous photographer, my goodness! And you got that song stuck in my head. Haha! How much do you charge for photos? I was kinda wanting some cute pictures of my husband and I but wasn't wanting to spend a FORTUNE!

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

I swear I thought I already commented on this blogger eating my comments?! Aaah!!!! are the most amazing photographer. FOR reals. And the rest of your weekend sounds pretty darn good!!! Fun, friends, and family...YES!!!

Happy ALMOST weekend! xoxo


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