October 9, 2012

just a little preview.

as i told you last week i got to have my pictures taken.my friends are SO talented. the lighting was amazing up the canyon that night and i loved my hair that my awesome friend haley did. i was so excited that i had to share with you all! i cannot wait to get back the rest.. in the mean time i'll keep editing my own clients pictures so they can have them back soon. i haven't been through the 'waiting/anticipation' period in a while! and now i'm getting all anxious..
 oh.. pictures. how you will always have my heart. 


Megan Holt Perry said...


Stacylyn said...

I love your outfit and braid!

Heidi Toevs said...

You look GORG!!! Loving the hair too!!!!

a plateful of happiness said...

just came across your blog. your pictures are gorgeous.


Kristen said...

these pictures are gorgeous :]

Jessica said...

Love this outfit love your hair and for eyes are amazing!!!

I follow can you follow back?


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